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Search Engine Optimisation Tailored For New Zealand Landscaping Companies

Are you running a landscaping business and looking to get more work?

In today’s digital age, a website isn’t just a digital business card. 

It’s a tool that can actively work for you, helping potential clients find your landscaping services when they search online. 

Think about it this way: someone in your local area decides they need landscaping services. 

They go to Google, type in ‘Landscaping services,’ and there you are, popping up as the first result. 

By using SEO, we can make this a reality for your business.

Our services are designed with your business needs in mind. 

We aim to make the complex world of SEO straightforward and easy for you.

By choosing our SEO agency, you’re not opting for a one-size-fits-all solution. 

We offer tailored SEO strategies to suit your unique business, helping  you dominate the New Zealand landscaping market.

Remember, we’re here to make SEO work for you. With our help, you can turn your website into a thriving hub for your business, catching the attention of potential clients and driving your growth in the digital sphere.

Why Landscapers Need SEO

In today’s digital age, maintaining a strong online presence is crucial for any business, including landscaping. 

Here at Dominate Marketing, we understand the online challenges you face. 

We offer effective SEO services to help landscapers like you thrive in the online marketplace.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a strategic process that enhances your online visibility, pulling more organic traffic to your website. 

The more traffic you attract, the higher your chances of turning visitors into jobs and boosting your revenue.

But how do we make this happen? 

We focus on local search optimisation specifically for landscaping businesses. 

By targeting local keywords, optimising Google Business Profile, and building local citations, we ensure your services are visible to the potential local customers who need them most.

We create tailored SEO strategies, taking into account the unique aspects of your landscaping business. 

Our aim is to help you navigate the complexities of local SEO, ensuring your online presence is strong, relevant, and effective.

The Benefits Of SEO For Landscaping Businesses

Search Engine Optimisation SEO is an invaluable tool for landscaping businesses, offering a range of benefits that can significantly boost your visibility and client engagement.

Firstly, SEO helps landscaping businesses ranking higher in Google.

With most consumers turning to search engines like Google to find local services, appearing at the top of search results is crucial. 

By optimising their website with relevant keywords, such as “landscaping services in Auckland” landscaping businesses can get in front of potential customers who need a landscaper. 

This increased visibility leads to more website traffic, which translates into more inquiries and clients. 

Given that the landscaping industry is highly visual, a well-optimised website can also showcase portfolios of previous work, helping potential clients visualise the quality and style of the landscaping services offered.

Moreover, SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy for New Zealand’s landscaping businesses. 

Unlike traditional advertising, which can be expensive and often targets a broad, non-specific audience, SEO targets users who are actively searching for landscaping services.

This targeted approach leads to higher conversion rates, as the audience is already interested in the services being offered.

Additionally, by focusing on local SEO strategies, such as optimising for local search terms and listing the business in local directories and the Google Business Profile, landscaping companies can effectively reach potential clients in their area. 

This is particularly beneficial in a country like New Zealand, where the landscaping needs and styles can vary significantly from one region to another.

SEO offers a powerful set of advantages for landscaping businesses in New Zealand.

SEO Vs Paid Ads

Understanding the distinction between SEO and paid ads is critical for your digital marketing strategy.

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimisation, boosts your online presence and guides relevant traffic to your website. 

But remember, SEO isn’t a quick fix. It needs ongoing commitment and may take a while to bear fruit.

Paid ads, in contrast, have an immediate effect. They assure a consistent number of leads every month. 

Think of them as an all-inclusive deal for website and lead generation, all covered in a single monthly cost. 

They can be a real game-changer, funnelling exclusive leads straight to your business.

But don’t discount the unique advantage of SEO. It offers an exclusivity promise for lead generation sites. 

For instance, if you’re a local bakery in London, your website won’t be competing with other bakeries in the same region using our SEO services. This means more visibility and leads for your business.

We understand the importance of choosing the right online strategy for your electrical business.

This often involves considering SEO and paid ads, each offering unique advantages.

SEO is a strategy designed to increase your rankings on Google and get you in front of customers organically.

This method offers sustained and long-lasting visibility for your brand. 

Be aware, though, that SEO isn’t a quick fix – it’s a strategy that builds success over time.

Google Ads, on the other hand, provides immediate visibility. 

It involves paying for ad placements on search engines or other websites, with the goal of reaching specific audiences. 

This route can generate quick traffic and leads, ideal if your business needs a swift boost. 

However, keep in mind that paid ads require continuous investment and stop when your budget runs out.

So, while they certainly do work and have their place, SEO is the best long term strategy, allowing you to continuously grow without having to rely on spending more and more money.

At Dominate Marketing, we can guide you on the best approach for your business. 

Whether it’s through carefully crafted SEO strategies, targeted paid ads, or a combination of both, we’re here to help your business thrive online.

Where Landscapers Go Wrong With SEO

Many businesses find SEO challenging and struggle to get results for a number of reasons.

From using old-fashioned strategies to working with agencies that don’t fully grasp their specific requirements, there are many potential pitfalls when it comes to SEO.

Here are some of the most common areas we find most where businesses go wrong with SEO:

Using Outdated Methods

Many New Zealand-based landscapers are still using SEO methods that have long since become obsolete. 

This can lead to missed opportunities for increasing online visibility and generating new business leads, which can in turn limit your business’s potential for growth. 

Here are some examples of strategies that need to be retired:

  • Overloading with keywords: Modern search engines are more concerned with the overall relevance of your content than with how many times you’ve included certain keywords.
  • Overlooking the importance of mobile: In today’s digital age, most online searches are conducted on mobile devices. Therefore, it’s essential for your website to be responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Neglecting local SEO: If you run a local business, focusing on local SEO is a great way to enhance your visibility in your specific area.

At Dominate Marketing, we believe it’s crucial to keep up to date with the latest SEO best practices in order to maximise online opportunities. 

Rather than being left behind, you can stay ahead of the competition by shedding these outdated techniques and embracing the newest, most effective strategies.

Our team is committed to helping you achieve this. We offer a range of services designed to optimise your online presence and drive your business’s growth. 

From improving your website’s mobile compatibility to fine-tuning your local SEO strategy, we provide the expertise and tools you need to excel in the digital landscape.

Agencies That Don't Know Or Care

Regrettably, some agencies may not possess the requisite understanding of your industry or the necessary commitment to your specific needs. 

Such agencies might apply broad-brush SEO techniques that fail to yield the desired outcomes.

Let’s delve into why these factors matter:

  1. Industry-specific knowledge: It’s not just about knowing SEO; it’s about knowing your business. Landscaping enterprises have their own set of subtleties that need to be recognised and addressed. This is where our expertise comes in.
  2. Tailored SEO strategies: Every business has its own unique identity and requirements. A one-size-fits-all approach to SEO won’t deliver optimal results. We tailor our strategies to suit your specific needs, ensuring you get the most out of our services.
  3. The power of local SEO: Local SEO plays a pivotal role in increasing your online presence and attracting potential clients. It’s not just about being seen; it’s about being seen by the right people in the right places.

By avoiding these common pitfalls, we can help your business stand out in the digital realm. 

Our comprehensive, detail-rich approach ensures that we deliver effective, contextually relevant SEO strategies that drive results.

Black Hat SEO Methods

Some agencies are tempted to use quick-fix black hat SEO strategies to climb the search engine ranks.

However, these techniques, such as overusing keywords, disguising content, and hiding links, go against search engine rules. 

The initial boost in rank can turn into penalties, causing your website to drop in rankings and making it difficult, if not impossible, to recover.

Your website could be removed from search engine listings entirely, costing you visibility and potential customers. 

It’s not worth gambling your business’s standing for a fleeting victory. Instead, we recommend adopting ethical, long-term strategies.

Our agency focuses on White Hat SEO techniques, a legitimate and enduring approach to building your online presence.

These methods adhere to search engine guidelines, assuring you maintain your good standing online. 

By choosing White Hat over Black Hat SEO, you protect your reputation and set your business up for enduring success in New Zealand’s digital marketplace.

Lack of Knowledge Of the Local Market

Successful search engine optimisation (SEO) hinges on a deep understanding of the local market. 

Grasping the factors that drive your customers’ choices is crucial. Without this understanding, your SEO strategy won’t hit the target, leading to wasted resources.

Our first step is market research. We delve into the demographics, buying habits and local trends that shape your potential customers. This knowledge allows us to create an SEO strategy that resonates with your target audience.

Next, we perform a thorough competitor analysis. We meticulously examine the SEO strategies of your competitors, learning from their successes and steering clear of their pitfalls. This process helps us to create an SEO strategy that not only matches but surpasses your competitors.

Finally, we focus on local optimisation. We tailor your SEO strategy to your local market, using region-specific keywords and ensuring your business ranks high in local search results. This strategy helps you become the go-to business in your area.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that no knowledge gaps hinder your SEO strategy. We aim to understand your market, study your competition, and maximise your local SEO.

Parts Of A Successful Dental SEO Campaign

Local SEO

We offer Local SEO services that can elevate your landscaping business in local search results. 

Our focus is on localisation, precision, and accessibility, which are key for any business aiming to scale.

Local directories play a critical role in your online presence. They serve as a virtual noticeboard for businesses like yours, making it easier for potential clients in your local area to discover your services. 

By featuring your business in these directories, we can enhance your visibility and steer local traffic towards you.

Optimising your Google My Business profile is another service we offer, and it’s crucial for better visibility. 

A finely-tuned profile can dramatically boost your standing in local search results. 

This makes your business more accessible to potential clients, increasing your chances of attracting new customers.

Generating high-quality leads is another benefit of our Local SEO services.

Through tailored SEO and Google Ads strategies, we can help you draw in leads from your local area. These are the people who are most likely to require your services, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Technical SEO & Onpage SEO

The success of your online presence hinges on robust SEO strategies. This is why we prioritise both Technical and Onpage SEO in our approach.

Technical SEO is all about ensuring your website is in top shape. This involves improving the structure of your site, enhancing its loading speed and making sure it’s mobile-friendly. We do this to make certain search engines can easily crawl and index your website.

On-page SEO, on the other hand, zeroes in on the optimisation of individual pages on your website. Here, keywords play a significant role. We conduct thorough keyword research to ensure the content and meta tags on each page are relevant and potent, thus boosting your ranking in search results.

Our approach is comprehensive. We don’t just focus on your homepage; instead, we optimise each page on your website. This helps attract targeted traffic and increases your online visibility.

By merging Technical and Onpage SEO strategies, we elevate your website’s visibility, improve user satisfaction and propel your site up the search engine rankings. Our method is holistic, each aspect working cohesively to achieve your online success.


Backlinks are critical to the success of your SEO strategy. 

Backlinks function like endorsements from other websites, and search engines view these links as a sign of your site’s relevance and authority. 

As such, your site’s ranking improves, making it easier for potential customers to find you online.

One of our key strategies is to foster relationships with other relevant websites. 

This isn’t about chasing any backlink; we focus on securing quality links from respected sources within your industry. 

By doing so, we’re not just boosting your SEO; we’re also positioning your brand amongst industry leaders.

Another critical part of our approach is producing engaging content that naturally attracts backlinks. 

When your content is informative, unique, and compelling, other websites will want to link back to it. 

This strategy is dual-purpose: it helps you earn backlinks while also providing valuable information to your audience.

Finally, we utilise local directories to bolster your backlink profile.

By listing your business in these directories, we earn you backlinks while simultaneously improving your visibility to local customers. 

This approach is particularly beneficial for businesses with a strong local presence, as it significantly boosts local search rankings.

Ongoing Content Strategy

A continuous content strategy is essential for your business to lead in the digital landscape. 

With our services, we craft blog posts, articles, videos and infographics that resonate with your audience and improve your search engine ranking.

It’s important to avoid the pitfall of inconsistent content updates. We ensure that your website is never left outdated. 

We provide regular, fresh, and top-notch content that keeps your audience engaged and prompts repeat visits.

The success of your online presence isn’t merely about website traffic. 

We use a wider lens to evaluate success; we focus on improved rankings, an uplift in engagement, and a boost in conversion rates.

It’s essential to understand that an effective content strategy isn’t a one-off task. It’s an ongoing process that requires regular review and updates.

At Dominate Marketing, we make sure that your content strategy continuously evolves to meet the changing needs of your audience and market trends. We offer tailored solutions to ensure that your business stays relevant and continues to dominate the digital landscape.

Analytics & Tracking

Analytics and tracking tools are essential to truly understand the success of your SEO campaign.

These tools are essential for monitoring your website traffic, understanding how users interact with your site, and tracking conversion rates.

By doing so, you can identify which SEO strategies are most beneficial for your business.

For instance, by using analytics, you’ll gain insights into user behaviour that will help you increase engagement.

Through tracking tools, you can identify the SEO strategies that are bringing the most valuable traffic to your site. 

This valuable information will allow you to constantly fine-tune your SEO campaign, ensuring it continues to deliver results.

We know that SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we’re committed to using these tools to adapt your campaign to your unique business needs. 

Conversion Rate Optimisation

One often overlooked aspect of SEO is the importance of not just attracting visitors to your website, but turning those visitors into valued customers.

That’s where Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) comes into play. 

CRO isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a crucial part of successful SEO strategy.

In simpler terms, CRO is about making your website work harder for you. It’s about ensuring that the traffic we drive to your site turns into actual business, rather than just being a collection of statistics. 

How do we do this? 

By creating crystal-clear call-to-action buttons that your visitors can’t resist clicking on. 

By crafting engaging content that holds their attention and encourages them to explore more. 

By streamlining navigation so they can find what they’re looking for with ease.

But it’s not just about implementing changes; it’s about testing, revising, and improving. 

We use methods like A/B testing, where we compare two variations of a page to see which performs better. 

We use heatmaps, which show us exactly where your users are clicking, scrolling, and spending time. 

All these strategies and more allow us to optimise your website for conversions and get as much bang-for-buck as possible from your SEO campaign.

SEO Case Studies

Traffic screenshot of a law firm's SEO results

NZ Law Firm Gets 3X Increase In Organic Traffic After Website SEO Overhaul

Traffic screenshot of a law firm's SEO results

Australian Law Firm Gets 4X Increase In Organic Traffic After Website Rebuild & SEO Implementation

Plumber case study SEO

NZ Plumber Goes From 0 to 418 Users and 483 Keywords In 4 Months

Automotive blog getting 28,000 visitors per month in less than a year!

Law Firm Making $180,000+ From Google Ads

3X Organic Traffic Within 6 Months!

14X Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from Google Ads

Auto Electrician Getting 130 Leads Per Month With Only $400 In Adspend!

Car Accident Assessor Went From 0 to 80 Leads Per Month With Only $1000 Ad Spend

Want Results Like These?

What Our NZ SEO Clients Have to Say

7 reviews on
The business name says it all, Dominate Marketing. Mateja and his team are experts in their field and it is so refreshing to finally find a marketing team that actually does what they say. Mateja has revived my website and ranked it much higher in a shorter amount of time. Thank you again Mateja.
Unyte Management
Unyte Management
10/10 for Mateja. He's a pro at what he does, and there's no argument to be made there. He addressed our issue directly, offering honest and straightforward suggestions. It was a great pleasure working with him as he helped us generate more leads scaling our business even more.
Peter Fam
Peter Fam
Mateja is very good at what he does. He is efficient, helpful and his service is full of value particularly given the reasonable price. I highly recommend relying on him to elevate your business' internet presence.
Sophie Bloy
Sophie Bloy
We started working with Mateja mid 2022 and were getting around 20 leads per month through our Google ads and website in the months prior. Mateja optimized our entire website and Google Ads campaign, which resulted in an increase to over 90 leads per month without increasing our ad budget. With the increased performance we were confident to spend more money on ads and explore running ads in new practice areas which allows us to bring in even more lucrative cases for our business. We highly recommend Mateja. He is reliable, full of great ideas, and gets the results.
Kevin Magee
Kevin Magee
Outstanding, Mateja revived our non functioning website back to page 1 of google. I had approached 3 other companies but Mateja stepped up and owned it and still goes beyond our expectations. We get so many comments from customers and the leads keep growing every month. Kev@AAwreckers (1998) Ltd.
David Sweas
David Sweas
We were looking to expand our service shop and our offering, going from two lifts to four in our new facility, and we hired Mateja to build a website and run our online marketing. Our previous marketing was focused on our manufacturing operation that sells overseas, we hadn’t invested much in our local service offering at that time. Over the 12 months after engaging Mateja, we had an increase of cars in the shop to about double our previous volume, and a noteworthy change in the mix across brands that we service. Mateja has been helpful as a one-stop shop helping us to market across several different digital channels, and his proactive ideas and content generation have helped us to keep up with shifts in the market.
Kiro Mladenovik
Kiro Mladenovik
Hiring Mateja’s services was the best investment I made. He improved website functionality, increased phone calls, traffic and client visits. Very happy with his services. Highly recommended