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In order to explain why we are not just another SEO agency who will take your money, promise the world and fail to deliver, we need to start at the beginning.


In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…

Just kidding.

Here’s what I actually mean:

What Actually Is SEO?

In order to explain how something can be done better, you need to first understand the basic fundamentals of the thing you are doing.

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with endless paragraphs about all the technical aspects of SEO. I will summarise it into just one sentence:

SEO is the process of making your website the most relevant result Google can show for a particular keyword.

That’s really the core of it.

Now, there is a long list of things that go into doing exactly that, but I’ll break it down into two key components.


The Two Key Components of SEO

To summarise it, there are ultimately two key components to SEO:

  1. Getting the website to actually show up on Google Search when someone searches a relevant keywords, so that you get people on your website
  2. Once people click on the website, getting them to buy

Number 1 is important because without showing up on Google and getting visitors to your website, nobody will ever see your website (assuming you aren’t running ads), so you may as well not have one.

Number 2 is important because you can get as many people as you want on your website, but if it doesn’t give them what they want or does a rubbish job at selling your product or service, they will never buy from you.

Unfortunately, while this might sound simple, getting both of these right is where most SEO agencies fail to deliver.


Here Are the Most Common Things That SEO Agencies In New Zealand Get Wrong:

First, let’s address point #1 – getting the website to show up on Google:

  • They go after keywords which get little to no search volume, so you show up on page 1 and get a ranking report that looks good but don’t get enough traffic onto your website to actually increase your business
  • They only focus on the hardest keywords that either take really long to rank or never end up ranking, and as a result you miss out on 1) time, while you hope for this to happen, and 2) money, from the low hanging fruit you could have gone after during that time and have been making money
  • They are actually incompetent and don’t do basic SEO correctly (much more common than you would think)
  • They use “black hat” tactics that are against Google’s guidelines to get you to rank quickly but practically guarantee that your website will drop at the next update (this one is not as common any more, but you still need to be aware of it)
  • They are a big agency and don’t really care, so you end up just a number to them and don’t get any actual results (raise your hand if you’ve had this)

Second, let’s address point #2 – making the sale:

  • They don’t know how to actually sell, so people land on the website but then don’t buy (a major problem with most SEO “experts” – because they are very technical people and don’t actually understand how to sell something)
  • They don’t understand conversion rate optimization so your website doesn’t do a good job converting all the visitors into customers (similar to the point above)
  • The miss obvious things like having a phone call button and contact form on the pages people land on
  • They focus on arbitrary metrics like website visitors or rankings when what most business owners are really after is actual sales


I’m going to explain to you exactly what’s going to happen when you hire an SEO agency who doesn’t know what they are doing. Typically these are the ones who charge a few hundred dollars per month, but there are definitely more expensive agencies that also fall into this category as well.

First of all, they typically don’t actually have the skills and resources to produce good results, which is exactly why they charge so little in the first place.

As an Auckland SEO agency, we can tell you that it is literally impossible to deliver the amount of work required to get a website to rank in even a relatively competitive niche for $500 per month. 

It is simply not possible, which means the person charging that money is either working for free, eating the cost out of their own pocket, or simply not doing what the quality of work that is actually required to make it happen (Hint: more than likely the last one).

While you think you might be saving money, what actually happens is you will pay them for 6-12 months, or maybe even longer, under the premise that “SEO takes 6-12 months to see results”. 

Then 6 months rolls buy, then 12, then 18, and you are still not seeing any significant increase in business.

So you spent anywhere from $3500 – $9000 (assuming you were paying only $500 per month), but got literally nothing for it. So not only are you now down that money, but you just lost anywhere from 6-18 months as well.

Now the only way to fix this is to hire someone who does know what they are doing, which is going to cost you EVEN MORE money.



Now that we’ve covered what can go wrong and all the things you need to be aware of, let’s talk about how to actually do SEO correctly, why what we do works, and what kind of result you can expect.

To begin with, you first need to identify what keywords you should be going after which are likely to bring you business in both the short and long term.

These fall into two categories:

  1. “Short tail keywords”, which are the ones that get the most traffic but are also the most competitive (such as “lawyer Auckland” or “car service Wellington”)
  2. “Long tail keywords” which are less competitive but get less searches (things like “how much does an oil change cost” or “Can a plumber fix my drainage?”)

You want to go after keywords which are likely to bring you business, but that you also have a chance to rank for. In the beginning, you typically need to go with the less competitive, less searched keywords.

As you rank for more and more of these keywords, you will start to get traffic and over time build up what’s called “topical authority”, which is when Google considers your website relevant to a particular topic. When this happens, you will rank for practically all keywords within that topic much quicker and easier.

Basically, what you are doing is building trust with Google by showing them that you know what you are talking about, and that visitors like your site because you gave them what they were looking for. And in turn, they reward you with higher rankings.

By this point, you will already be seeing a good amount of traffic and depending on how much work you put into it usually takes between 3-9 months.

While this is happening, you will want to make sure that your website is actually converting visitors into customers.

This means doing conversion rate optimisation, which is the process of optimising the website to increase conversions.

This is also now a ranking factor which means that the higher your conversion rate, the higher you are likely to rank (double win!).

Now, in order to do this, you have to actually know what works, what to write on the page, where to put what, and how to convince the user to buy.

Unfortunately, that key component is usually what’s missing with SEO agencies, and is something that sets our service apart.

In reality, when you work with us, you are getting far more than just SEO.

You are actually getting an entire marketing strategy.

Before doing anything, we actually make a plan with you, to make sure that it’s going to:

  1. Actually work
  2. Be worthwhile doing
  3. Be profitable for your business

Once we have established that, yes we do the SEO, but we also work on positioning your business as the best option the customer has, so that you stand out from the competition and significantly increase the amount of people who buy from you.

We do this using a combination of copywriting skills as well as our experience with what works, which allows us to write extremely high converting sales pages that both rank and get customers.

This unique combination is how you make an extremely profitable SEO strategy that works quickly and is extremely profitable.

SEO Case Studies

Automotive blog getting 28,000 visitors per month in less than a year!

3X Organic Traffic Within 6 Months!

Traffic screenshot of a law firm's SEO results

NZ Law Firm Gets 3X Increase In Organic Traffic After Website SEO Overhaul

Traffic screenshot of a law firm's SEO results

Australian Law Firm Gets 4X Increase In Organic Traffic After Website Rebuild & SEO Implementation

Graph showing SEO results of an NZ plumber

NZ Plumber Goes From Almost 0 to 348 Users and 454 Keywords In Less Than 4 Months

14X Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from Google Ads

Law Firm Making $180,000+ From Google Ads

Auto Electrician Getting 130 Leads Per Month With Only $400 In Adspend!

Car Accident Assessor Went From 0 to 80 Leads Per Month With Only $1000 Ad Spend

Want Results Like These?

What Our NZ SEO Clients Have to Say

7 reviews on
The business name says it all, Dominate Marketing. Mateja and his team are experts in their field and it is so refreshing to finally find a marketing team that actually does what they say. Mateja has revived my website and ranked it much higher in a shorter amount of time. Thank you again Mateja.
Unyte Management
Unyte Management
10/10 for Mateja. He's a pro at what he does, and there's no argument to be made there. He addressed our issue directly, offering honest and straightforward suggestions. It was a great pleasure working with him as he helped us generate more leads scaling our business even more.
Peter Fam
Peter Fam
Mateja is very good at what he does. He is efficient, helpful and his service is full of value particularly given the reasonable price. I highly recommend relying on him to elevate your business' internet presence.
Sophie Bloy
Sophie Bloy
We started working with Mateja mid 2022 and were getting around 20 leads per month through our Google ads and website in the months prior. Mateja optimized our entire website and Google Ads campaign, which resulted in an increase to over 90 leads per month without increasing our ad budget. With the increased performance we were confident to spend more money on ads and explore running ads in new practice areas which allows us to bring in even more lucrative cases for our business. We highly recommend Mateja. He is reliable, full of great ideas, and gets the results.
Kevin Magee
Kevin Magee
Outstanding, Mateja revived our non functioning website back to page 1 of google. I had approached 3 other companies but Mateja stepped up and owned it and still goes beyond our expectations. We get so many comments from customers and the leads keep growing every month. Kev@AAwreckers (1998) Ltd.
David Sweas
David Sweas
We were looking to expand our service shop and our offering, going from two lifts to four in our new facility, and we hired Mateja to build a website and run our online marketing. Our previous marketing was focused on our manufacturing operation that sells overseas, we hadn’t invested much in our local service offering at that time. Over the 12 months after engaging Mateja, we had an increase of cars in the shop to about double our previous volume, and a noteworthy change in the mix across brands that we service. Mateja has been helpful as a one-stop shop helping us to market across several different digital channels, and his proactive ideas and content generation have helped us to keep up with shifts in the market.
Kiro Mladenovik
Kiro Mladenovik
Hiring Mateja’s services was the best investment I made. He improved website functionality, increased phone calls, traffic and client visits. Very happy with his services. Highly recommended

Where Most NZ Businesses Go Wrong With SEO


They target keywords which are not going to bring in actual customers so they might even rank but it doesn’t convert into actual business.


Many businesses (and even SEO agencies) target very low volume keywords because they are easy but they don’t bring enough traffic. So they have a bunch of #1s but no one is going to the site, and even worse no one is buying from them.

Poor Conversion

Getting people to your website is not enough. You must be able to convert them into customers if you want to make money.

Unfortunately, this is the crucial step that most marketing agencies and businesses overlook.

Our SEO Services INclude

A Website That
Makes Money

The point of a website is to make you as much money as possible. This is the foundational piece of the puzzle.

We either build you a new, completely optimised website or optimise your current one to ensure that it does it’s job.

That includes everything from design to writing the content.

Search Engine Optimisation is the foundation of our system.

SEO is a longer term strategy that will ensure your business continues to grow without having to constantly increase your ad budget.

As we optimise your website to dominate more and more searches on Google, you will get exponentially more business and a higher return because you don’t pay for that traffic.

As part of the SEO process, we optimise all aspects of your website as well as off-site assets such as your Google Business Profile.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

That Sells

There is no point of running a marketing campaign or doing SEO if people land on a website that does a bad job of selling your services or products.

As professional copywriters, we write your content based on our proven methods will that convince potential customers that you are their best solution, making them want to buy from you specifically. This gets you more sales.

We set up all tracking so that we know exactly what kind of results we are getting and can optimise accordingly. This includes phone calls, emails, form submissions, sales and any other conversion events.

This allows us to not only accurately report on the performance of your campaign every month, but also to optimise everything so that you get the best results.

What gets measured gets done, and we measure and optimise everything.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

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About Us

I’m Mateja Matic, the founder of Dominate Marketing. I have been doing SEO & Google Ads for almost 10 years. 

In that time I have have helped over 40 service businesses in NZ and Australia in a range of niches get to page 1 of Google and dominate their industry.

My focus is on providing a premium service, getting better results than anyone else and building a long term, profitable relationship with all of our clients.