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If you are looking to grow your travel agency, Google Ads is one of the best options to bring new clients through the door.

Why Google Ads, you may ask? 

It’s where your customers are. 

Picture this: A family planning their annual holiday, turning to a search engine to find the best travel options. 

With our expertise in Google Ads, your travel agency can appear right on their screen, at that crucial decision-making moment.

But, our service isn’t just about getting you seen. 

We offer targeted advertising tailored to your niche market. 

This means your ads reach the right people at the right time, providing a higher return on your investment.

Google Ads also offers measurable results. This means you can see exactly how well your ads are performing, and we can make data-driven decisions to further optimise your campaigns.

Intrigued? Let’s delve deeper into how we can help you to utilise Google Ads to transform your travel agency.

Why Should Travel Agencies Run Google Ads?

Google Ads is a powerful tool that can propel your travel agency to new heights. 


Because it provides an opportunity to tap into the vast pool of tens of thousands of searches conducted daily in New Zealand for travel agents, thus efficiently reaching a wide range of potential clients. 

Furthermore, Google Ads is a cost-effective choice. 

You remain in control of your budget, only paying for the clicks your ads receive. 

This flexibility allows you to manage your spending effectively, ensuring maximum value for your money.

Time is of the essence in business, and Google Ads understands that. 

A well-optimised ad can instantly draw attention and generate traffic to your website. 

This is a stark contrast to traditional advertising methods that can take days or even weeks to yield results. 

With Google Ads, you get immediate feedback and results, saving you time and resources.

The Benefits Of Google Ads For Travel Agents

Instead of simply scattering your ads and hoping for results, we utilise Google Ads targeting. 

This ensures your services are advertised directly to those already seeking a travel agent, enhancing your visibility and relevance.

This approach helps to make your marketing efforts more effective and efficient.

Here’s how we utilise Google Ads to boost your travel agency:

  • Tailored Audience: Through Google Ads targeting, we pinpoint specific keywords and set location parameters to attract your ideal customers.
  • Budget Management: We work within your budget, and importantly, you’re only charged for actual clicks, not views. This ensures you invest your money where it’s truly needed.
  • Quick Outcomes: Google Ads often deliver immediate results, providing you with fast feedback on what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Adaptability: Google Ads campaigns can be adjusted at any time, allowing us to continually optimise for better results.

In essence, using Google Ads allows your travel agency to reach more potential customers, more effectively, whilst staying within your budget.

How We Get Exceptional Results With Google Ads

As a premier Google Ads agency, we specialise in delivering outstanding results using Google Ads for travel agencies like yours. 

Wondering how we do it? 

Here is our process:

Market Research

Understanding your market is the golden key to unlocking outstanding results with Google Ads. 

Firstly, we use tools like Google Keyword Planner for comprehensive keyword research, allowing us to see what potential clients are searching.

Next, we do a deep analysis of your competitors, allowing us to see what is currently working and get you one step ahead.

Armed with this knowledge, we know exactly what we need to do to target your exact audience.

Highly Targeted Keywords

The secret to exceptional results with Google Ads lies in the smart use of highly targeted keywords.

Highly targeted keywords act as a magnet for your travel services, attracting the exact audience you’re looking for. 

These are carefully selected words and phrases that match the specific travel interests and preferences of your potential customers.

Through meticulous keyword research and ad targeting, we make sure that your ads show to the right people who are ready to buy.

As a result, your Google Ads become more effective, reaching the most qualified leads and improving your ad performance. 

By using highly targeted keywords, we can make sure your Google Ads are right on the money every time.

Proven Ad Strategies

By using proven ad strategies, we can shortcut a lot of the trial-and-error process and get straight to what works.

We create highly targeted ads specifically for each keyword we are targeting, resulting in very high interest rate from potential customers, and therefore more conversions.

This means you need to spend less money to get more results, the ultimate scenario to be in.


Conversion Rate Optimisation & Landing Pages

A critical aspect of achieving outstanding results with your ad campaigns is conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and building specific landing pages for your ads.

Why are landing pages so important? 

They “sell” your service to your potential customers, and will make or break the success of your ad campaign.

A well-crafted landing page will significantly improve your conversion rates, meaning you pay less to acquire a new client.

Ongoing Optimisation

At Dominate Marketing, we believe in the power of consistent refinement to help your Google Ads perform at their absolute best. 

Here’s how we make that happen:

Firstly, we take a deep dive into your campaign data on a regular basis. By doing this, we can spot emerging trends and pinpoint areas where we can drive even better results.

Next, we use A/B testing, a process that lets us pit different versions of an ad against each other to see which one gets the best response. This isn’t just a one-off; we continually use this method to make sure your ads are as effective as they can be.

Lastly, we use conversion tracking to gain a clear view of what’s working on your website. 

This helps us optimize your ads to prompt specific actions, like filling out a form or booking online. This invaluable insight allows us to tailor your ads to drive the results that matter most to you.

The 3 Core COmponents Of A Successful Google Ads Campaign


In order to run a successful and profitable Google Ads campaign, the first thing you need to establish is a strategy that is highly likely to work right from the beginning.

You can’t just put in a bunch of keywords, close your eyes and hope for the best (you’d be amazed how many people do this).

You need to find “high intent” keywords that will be profitable to bid on and have a high likelihood of resulting in a sale.

Putting a list together of high buying intent keywords is a fundamental way to get your campaigns off to a good start.

Getting the Click

Now that you are showing your ads for keywords that are likely to bring business, you need to get these people onto your website.

That’s where the ads come in. 

The ad’s job is actually not to make the sale (like most people believe), it’s actually there just to get the potential customer’s attention and get them onto your website.

This is where so many Google Ads agencies go wrong.

They only focus on the ads and completely ignore where they are sending these people.

The problem is that the website is at least 50% of the equation, which is why they get such poor results most of the time.

This is because the website is what does the selling, so if you are sending them to a page that doesn’t do this well, they will just leave and you paid for nothing.

The point of the ad is to show the right thing to the right people to get as many of them onto your website as possible.


Now that you got the potential customer onto your website, you need to make the sale.

This is where you convince them that what you are offering is the best thing they can buy to get what they need, whether that’s a product or service.

Landing pages are an absolutely critical aspect of any Google Ads campaign, yet you’d be amazed how many Google Ads agencies don’t actually optimise landing pages for the campaign.

They are your sales pitch, your chance to throw every sales argument you have at the potential customer to get them to buy from you.

Do this right and you will be printing money. 💸

Do it wrong and you’ll be burning money. 🔥

Case Studies

14X Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from Google Ads

Law Firm Making $180,000+ From Google Ads

Auto Electrician Getting 130 Leads Per Month With Only $400 In Adspend!

Car Accident Assessor Went From 0 to 80 Leads Per Month With Only $1000 Ad Spend

Automotive blog getting 28,000 visitors per month in less than a year!

3X Organic Traffic Within 6 Months!

Traffic screenshot of a law firm's SEO results

NZ Law Firm Gets 3X Increase In Organic Traffic After Website SEO Overhaul

Traffic screenshot of a plumber's SEO results

Australian Law Firm Gets 4X Increase In Organic Traffic After Website Rebuild & SEO Implementation

Traffic screenshot of a law firm's SEO results

NZ Plumber Goes From Almost 0 to 200 Users and 441 Keywords In Less Than 4 Months

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What Our NZ Clients Have to Say

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The business name says it all, Dominate Marketing. Mateja and his team are experts in their field and it is so refreshing to finally find a marketing team that actually does what they say. Mateja has revived my website and ranked it much higher in a shorter amount of time. Thank you again Mateja.
Unyte Management
Unyte Management
10/10 for Mateja. He's a pro at what he does, and there's no argument to be made there. He addressed our issue directly, offering honest and straightforward suggestions. It was a great pleasure working with him as he helped us generate more leads scaling our business even more.
Peter Fam
Peter Fam
Mateja is very good at what he does. He is efficient, helpful and his service is full of value particularly given the reasonable price. I highly recommend relying on him to elevate your business' internet presence.
Sophie Bloy
Sophie Bloy
We started working with Mateja mid 2022 and were getting around 20 leads per month through our Google ads and website in the months prior. Mateja optimized our entire website and Google Ads campaign, which resulted in an increase to over 90 leads per month without increasing our ad budget. With the increased performance we were confident to spend more money on ads and explore running ads in new practice areas which allows us to bring in even more lucrative cases for our business. We highly recommend Mateja. He is reliable, full of great ideas, and gets the results.
Kevin Magee
Kevin Magee
Outstanding, Mateja revived our non functioning website back to page 1 of google. I had approached 3 other companies but Mateja stepped up and owned it and still goes beyond our expectations. We get so many comments from customers and the leads keep growing every month. Kev@AAwreckers (1998) Ltd.
David Sweas
David Sweas
We were looking to expand our service shop and our offering, going from two lifts to four in our new facility, and we hired Mateja to build a website and run our online marketing. Our previous marketing was focused on our manufacturing operation that sells overseas, we hadn’t invested much in our local service offering at that time. Over the 12 months after engaging Mateja, we had an increase of cars in the shop to about double our previous volume, and a noteworthy change in the mix across brands that we service. Mateja has been helpful as a one-stop shop helping us to market across several different digital channels, and his proactive ideas and content generation have helped us to keep up with shifts in the market.
Kiro Mladenovik
Kiro Mladenovik
Hiring Mateja’s services was the best investment I made. He improved website functionality, increased phone calls, traffic and client visits. Very happy with his services. Highly recommended