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Search Engine Optimisation Tailored For New Zealand Conveyancers

The conveyancing sector in New Zealand is fiercely competitive. 

Numerous law firms are competing for the same pool of property buyers and sellers, making it tough to stand out.

To top it off, the market has been cooling down resulting in less transactions to go round.

This is where we come in as an expert SEO agency

But what does this mean?

SEO isn’t just about a flashy website. It’s about fine-tuning your online presence so that potential clients find you when they’re looking for a conveyancer. 

Why is this important?

Without it, your potential clients may not find you in the vast sea of similar businesses, and end up going to a competitor simply because your website did not show up in their search results. 

With our comprehensive SEO services, your conveyancing firm won’t just survive in the competitive conveyancing sector; it will thrive.

Why Conveyancers Need SEO

As a conveyancer in New Zealand, boosting your visibility and attracting suitable clients is crucial.

You may be under the impression that SEO is too complex, time-consuming, or a luxury your firm can’t afford. Let’s set things straight.

SEO, though it demands the right knowledge and effort, is indeed manageable for small firms. 

There are ample resources to aid you in comprehending and applying SEO strategies. 

Rather than being a luxury, consider SEO as an essential in our digital era. It’s an investment that can reward you with improved visibility and quality leads.

We offer customised SEO strategies designed for New Zealand conveyancing firms, ensuring relevance and trust. 

These strategies can help you gain a foothold in the local market and consistently expand your clientele.

SEO isn’t just about bringing in clients—it’s about bringing in the right ones.

SEO Vs Paid Ads

At Dominate Marketing, we’re experts in SEO, but we’re also well-versed in the world of paid ads. 

Both these strategies have their strengths, and we can help you figure out which one is right for you.

SEO is all about improving your website’s position in organic search results. 

It’s a game of patience, but it pays off. 

Staying ahead of the game takes consistent effort, but once you begin to rank, your efforts compound and you are now able to captialise on all the clicks you can get, not restricted to your budget.

Google ads are a different beast. They give you instant visibility, but their life span is tied to your budget. 

You decide where and when your ads pop up, but as soon as the money runs out, so does your ad campaign.

The beauty of SEO is its lasting effect. Once you’ve got a strong SEO foundation, your site will keep attracting visitors, even if you’re not pouring money into it. 

With paid ads, on the other hand, you need to keep your wallet open to stay in the spotlight.

So, how do you choose between SEO and paid ads?

It boils down to what you want to achieve and what resources you have at your disposal. 

If you’re looking for long-term gains and trust-building, SEO is your best bet. 

But if you need quick results and can afford it, paid ads could be the answer.

Of course, a mix of both strategies can often yield the best results.

Whatever path you choose, we’re here to guide you. At Dominate Marketing, we’re all about helping you make the right choice for your business.

Where Conveyancers Go Wrong With SEO

Many businesses fall into common SEO traps, such as relying on obsolete methods or engaging in strategies that simply don’t deliver, resulting in poor performance. 

It’s also possible to end up working with agencies that lack the necessary expertise or aren’t putting your requirements first. 

These pitfalls, coupled with harmful practices like Black Hat SEO or neglect of your local market, can cause significant SEO blunders.

Here are some of the most common SEO errors we come across:

Using Outdated Methods

Many New Zealand businesses (and SEO agencies!) still rely on out-of-date SEO techniques.

These methods often lead to a drop in website rankings and lower visibility online. 

Many businesses aren’t aware of the damage that overlooking search engine algorithm updates can do to their SEO performance. 

Likewise, an overemphasis on stuffing keywords and neglecting to provide valuable content can result in penalties.

Mobile optimisation and user experience are two critical aspects of SEO that need your attention. Ignoring either of them could negatively affect your website’s SEO performance. 

The world of SEO isn’t static; it’s continually evolving. Sticking with outdated methods means missing out on opportunities for growth.

Agencies That Don't Know Or Care

Choosing the right marketing agency can make or break your SEO efforts.

We recognise that every business is unique and deserves a bespoke approach. 

Unfortunately, many SEO agencies are either incompetent and don’t know how to deliver results, or just don’t care, and are more preoccupied with their own profit than your results.

That’s why choosing the right agency is critical if you want to see results from your SEO campaign and a ROI on your investment.

Black Hat SEO Methods

We understand the allure of fast results. 

However, black hat SEO techniques such as excessive keyword use, hidden content and low quality links can harm your online standing and search engine rankings rather than enhancing them.

The drawbacks of these methods are plenty. Search engines may penalise your site, removing it from search results and making it next to impossible to recover.

Trust and credibility may be eroded amongst your potential clientele.

What may seem like a quick win eventually leads to significant damage to your reputation.

Instead of opting for such precarious techniques, we at Dominate Marketing strongly recommend sustainable SEO strategies. 

These methods, commonly known as white hat SEO, offer long-term benefits that far outweigh any short-term advantages of black hat methods.

It’s not just about fleeting success, but creating a long term strategy that will yield results long into the future.

Lack of Knowledge Of the Local Market

Comprehending your local market is fundamental to successful SEO.

It’s easy to overlook, but doing so can significantly impact your online visibility. 

If you’re not fully aware of your local market, your SEO strategies won’t hit the mark, failing to engage your target audience.

We conduct meticulous local market research, honing in on local search trends and preferences. 

This helps prevent mistakes, like using irrelevant keywords and content that don’t match with what local internet users are looking for.

We also place a high importance on analysing your target audience. 

Without this, it becomes difficult to craft strategies that cater to your local audience’s specific needs.

Not only that, but Google’s algorithm is actually different in different locations.

Understand this is key to knowing what methods will work and what won’t.

Many agencies use American SEO tactics they learned online, which don’t yield great results in local NZ searches.

Parts Of A Successful Dental SEO Campaign

Local SEO

We specialise in Local SEO. This service is crucial for firms such as yours to ensure your website is optimised for location-specific searches. 

This gives you a distinct advantage within your local market, potentially attracting more clients. 

The significance of local SEO is substantial. It’s not just about securing a spot on the map, it’s about making your mark and standing out in your local market.

Here’s what you need to know:

Local SEO is a powerful tool to establish your relevance in your area and appear in Local Search Results. 

By optimising your site for location-specific keywords and setting up a comprehensive Google Business Profile, you increase your visibility to potential clients in your locality.

Listing your business on local directories and earning backlinks from local websites is another important aspect of local SEO. 

This strategy enhances the relevance of your website, making it more visible in local searches.

At Dominate Marketing, we focus on making these processes effortless for you. 

Our team of experts will handle everything from keyword research and on-page SEO to link building and local directory submissions. 

Technical SEO & Onpage SEO

A strong online presence starts with robust technical SEO and on-page SEO. These aren’t just fancy terms; they’re the backbone of your website’s visibility on search engines.

Technical SEO is all about making sure your website runs smoothly. It’s like tuning a car; you want it to perform at its best. 

We fine-tune your site’s speed, make it friendly for mobile users and ensure its crawlability. In other words, we help search engines read your website with ease.

Onpage SEO, however, is more about the content on each webpage. It includes smart use of keywords, crafting engaging content, and tweaking meta tags. 

This doesn’t just make your site attractive to search engines, but also to the people who visit it.

So, why are these important? Because they influence how your website ranks on search engines. 

The better your Technical and Onpage SEO, the higher your site appears in search results. And the higher you rank, the more visibility you get.


Backlinks are a crucial element in the realm of SEO. They have the potential to greatly enhance your website’s reputation and position on search engine results. 

Simply put, effective backlinking can transform your website into a source that users and search engines trust.

Our approach to backlinking involves a variety of link building tactics. 

For instance, we can write guest posts on respected blogs or websites that match your industry.

This not only increases your exposure but can also result in valuable backlinks.

We also focus on crafting top-notch content that will naturally attract links. It’s all about creating something so useful and compelling that others will want to share it with their audience.

Another key aspect of our strategy is outreach. By establishing connections with influencers and respected figures in your field, we secure opportunities for high-quality backlinks.

These strategies aren’t just random tactics. They’re essential because a website with a strong backlink profile is often viewed as more reliable and trustworthy by search engines. 

This can lead to higher rankings on search engine results, more web traffic, and ultimately, more business for you.

Our goal at Dominate Marketing is to make your website a go-to resource in your industry. 

With our expertise in backlinking strategies, we’re ready to help you stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

Ongoing Content Strategy

An effective and ongoing content strategy is crucial for maintaining your rankings and attracting organic traffic. 

We focus on consistently creating high quality content. This is achieved through the clever use of content marketing techniques, such as keyword optimisation, which helps pull in organic traffic..

Updating your existing content is one of our priorities as well. We ensure it stays relevant, which in turn boosts its ranking on search engines. 

It’s important to understand that an effective content strategy isn’t a one-off task, but rather a continuous process. It plays a paramount role in your website’s SEO success.

In simple terms, our ongoing content strategy keeps your online presence alive and thriving, and drives organic traffic.

We provide a comprehensive service that ensures your content stays updated, relevant, and engaging, thus improving your website’s SEO ranking.

Analytics & Tracking

Analytics and tracking are critical in a successful SEO campaign. As an SEO agency, we offer comprehensive tracking tools and techniques that can help you understand the impact of your SEO efforts.

Our analytics and tracking services are instrumental in giving you a clear picture of how your website is performing. Here’s what makes them essential:

  • Demystifying user behaviour: We provide insights into how your audience interacts with your site, helping you understand their behaviour and preferences.
  • Identifying what works: We help you discover the most effective keywords and content that are driving traffic and conversions.
  • Preparing for future success: We assist in identifying areas of improvement and in optimising your website for long-term success.

Analytics and tracking are more than just numbers; they serve as a guide to your online success. 

At Dominate Marketing, we don’t believe in guesswork. We use data-driven decisions to refine your SEO strategy for improved results over time.

By utilising analytics and tracking, we provide a roadmap to enhance your online presence and performance.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a crucial aspect of SEO that revolves around enhancing user engagement on your website. 

We do this by creating clear, user-friendly landing pages that encourage your site’s visitors to take action.

You may wonder how to identify effective webpages. Simple – through A/B testing. 

This method allows us to compare two versions of a webpage and determine which one performs better. 

It’s a practical tool to ensure we’re delivering the most effective content to your potential clients.

Additionally, we delve into user behaviour analysis. By understanding how your visitors interact with your site, we gain invaluable insights. 

This lets us make data-driven decisions to refine and enhance your website’s performance.

We also utilise techniques such as multivariate testing and mobile optimisation. 

These methods are designed to improve the user experience and increase the likelihood of turning site visitors into clients.

The goal is to create a website that’s not just visually appealing or user-friendly, but one that converts. 

After all, the primary purpose of SEO is to attract and convert clients, and that’s exactly what we’re here to help you achieve.

SEO Case Studies

Traffic screenshot of a law firm's SEO results

NZ Law Firm Gets 3X Increase In Organic Traffic After Website SEO Overhaul

Traffic screenshot of a law firm's SEO results

Australian Law Firm Gets 4X Increase In Organic Traffic After Website Rebuild & SEO Implementation

Plumber case study SEO

NZ Plumber Goes From 0 to 418 Users and 483 Keywords In 4 Months

Automotive blog getting 28,000 visitors per month in less than a year!

Law Firm Making $180,000+ From Google Ads

3X Organic Traffic Within 6 Months!

14X Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from Google Ads

Auto Electrician Getting 130 Leads Per Month With Only $400 In Adspend!

Car Accident Assessor Went From 0 to 80 Leads Per Month With Only $1000 Ad Spend

Want Results Like These?

What Our NZ SEO Clients Have to Say

7 reviews on
The business name says it all, Dominate Marketing. Mateja and his team are experts in their field and it is so refreshing to finally find a marketing team that actually does what they say. Mateja has revived my website and ranked it much higher in a shorter amount of time. Thank you again Mateja.
Unyte Management
Unyte Management
10/10 for Mateja. He's a pro at what he does, and there's no argument to be made there. He addressed our issue directly, offering honest and straightforward suggestions. It was a great pleasure working with him as he helped us generate more leads scaling our business even more.
Peter Fam
Peter Fam
Mateja is very good at what he does. He is efficient, helpful and his service is full of value particularly given the reasonable price. I highly recommend relying on him to elevate your business' internet presence.
Sophie Bloy
Sophie Bloy
We started working with Mateja mid 2022 and were getting around 20 leads per month through our Google ads and website in the months prior. Mateja optimized our entire website and Google Ads campaign, which resulted in an increase to over 90 leads per month without increasing our ad budget. With the increased performance we were confident to spend more money on ads and explore running ads in new practice areas which allows us to bring in even more lucrative cases for our business. We highly recommend Mateja. He is reliable, full of great ideas, and gets the results.
Kevin Magee
Kevin Magee
Outstanding, Mateja revived our non functioning website back to page 1 of google. I had approached 3 other companies but Mateja stepped up and owned it and still goes beyond our expectations. We get so many comments from customers and the leads keep growing every month. Kev@AAwreckers (1998) Ltd.
David Sweas
David Sweas
We were looking to expand our service shop and our offering, going from two lifts to four in our new facility, and we hired Mateja to build a website and run our online marketing. Our previous marketing was focused on our manufacturing operation that sells overseas, we hadn’t invested much in our local service offering at that time. Over the 12 months after engaging Mateja, we had an increase of cars in the shop to about double our previous volume, and a noteworthy change in the mix across brands that we service. Mateja has been helpful as a one-stop shop helping us to market across several different digital channels, and his proactive ideas and content generation have helped us to keep up with shifts in the market.
Kiro Mladenovik
Kiro Mladenovik
Hiring Mateja’s services was the best investment I made. He improved website functionality, increased phone calls, traffic and client visits. Very happy with his services. Highly recommended