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Case Study: Auckland Law Firm Gets 6X Increase In Leads From Google Ads

I helped a law firm in Auckland get a 5X increase in leads from their Google Ads without increasing their ad spend.

In this post, I’ll explain how I did it and the process behind it.

The Situation Before

Before I started working with them, they were running Google Ads to a very basic page on their website, which just listed out their services and a brief description of each.

There wasn’t even a form or a way to contact them through that page.

Needless to say, the conversion rate was very low, and they were getting next to no leads despite the fact that they were spending over $1000 per month in ad budget.

Auckland Law Firm Google Ads Before

As you can see from the screenshot above, over the 6 months before I took over, they spend almost $7,000 and got only 46 leads. This meant they were paying $151 per lead.

The Results Of My Google Ads Optimisation

I took over the Law Firm Google Ads account, as well their website and completely restructured the entire campaign.

I remade the campaigns to be highly targeted to specific areas of law, going after high intent keywords that were likely to convert.

I also made landing pages for every area of law, ensuring that visitors would be very likely to convert once they landing on the site.

As a result, they saw a 6X increase in the amount of leads coming in, without increasing their budget:

Auckland Law Firm Google Ads After

You can see in this screenshot that since the beginning of 2024, we spent a little over $7,000 (roughly the same as the previous screenshot), but got 297 leads at an average cost of $24 per lead.

Keep in mind that previously they spent the same amount of money and got 46 leads.

This is the kind of result you can expect when your ad campaign is correctly targeted and optimised to target the right people with the right message and give them exactly what they are looking for.

How I Got This Law Firm Results With Google Ads

The very first thing I did was separate out the keywords into ad groups to target specific areas of law.

This allowed me to make ads specific to those keywords, which increase the CTR, because the ads are more relevant. This also helps to increase conversions further down the line.

From there, I made specific landing pages for each area of law that we were advertising.

For these landing pages I wrote out all new content to help “sell” their services to potential clients, explaining why they are better than their competitors.

I also added reviews and reviews from Google (through a feed), photos of the team, a map showing their location, and a contact form to every page.

These answer any questions potential clients may have and help to tip them over the line and “presell” them, as well as address any logistical concerns.

Once these landing pages were done, I made sure to link the relevant ads to the relevant landing pages.

This ensures that anyone searching gets ads and a landing page very specific to their query.

If they are looking for a family lawyer, they will see an ad for “family lawyers”, and get taken to a landing page for family lawyers.

This significantly increases the conversion rate and the chances this person will become a potential client.

As a result, they got a significant increase in leads (6X!) without having to spend a single cent extra on the ads.

Want Similar Results From Your Google Ads?

As a Google Ads Agency in Auckland, I can help you get the maximum ROI from your Google Ads but optimising your campaigns in a similar manner.

Get in contact with me today and I’ll see what I can do to help.