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How to Run Google Local Service Ads

Are you a local business seeking to enhance your visibility and gain more customers? If so, Google Local Service Ads might be just the remedy for you. These adverts, prominently displayed at the top of relevant search results, can significantly boost your online presence and direct more suitable leads to your business.

But how exactly do you go about running these adverts? In this discussion, we will reveal the step-by-step process of setting up and optimising your Google Ads, from verifying your eligibility to creating an account and customising your advert to best showcase your services.

So, if you’re prepared to take your local business to the next level, continue reading to discover the secrets of running successful Google Local Service Ads.

Eligibility for Local Service Ads

To ascertain if your business fulfils the prerequisites for Local Service Ads, verify your eligibility on the Local Services Ads landing page.

Google’s Local Services Ads are a beneficial tool for businesses seeking to connect with local customers and generate leads. By running Local Services Ads, your business can display at the top of Google search results, simplifying the process for potential customers to find and contact you.

Setting up Google Local Service Ads is a straightforward procedure. Once you confirm your eligibility, you can initiate the registration process. It is vital to be specific when choosing the services your business provides from the given list. This guarantees that your ad is displayed to the appropriate audience, enhancing your chances of acquiring qualified leads.

Moreover, accuracy is critical when providing your business’s days and hours of operation. This information assists potential customers in knowing when they can contact you, thus establishing trust and dependability.

By meeting the eligibility prerequisites and correctly setting up your Google Local Service Ads, you can earn the sought-after Google Screened badge. This badge indicates to potential customers that your business has undergone a rigorous screening process, providing them with reassurance when opting for your services.

Managing your Local Services Ads effectively is also necessary to avoid squandering money on irrelevant leads. Regularly review and optimise your ads to ensure they are reaching the correct audience and producing quality leads. With Local Services Ads, you can take control of your digital marketing and attract more customers in your local area.

Account Creation

The initial step in setting up your Google Local Service Ads account is to ascertain your eligibility on the Local Services Ads landing page and supply your business location and industry information. This guarantees that you fulfil the prerequisites for launching local ads on Google and assists advertisers in understanding that your small enterprise is eligible to commence with Google Local Services Ads.

To finalise the account creation procedure, there are several key steps to adhere to:

  • Supply contact information: Incorporate your business details such as name, phone number, and email address. You can also add optional information like your website and address to reinforce your local listing and amplify your chances of approval.
  • Designate service area and list services offered: Stipulate the regions where you offer your services and the specific services you provide. It is crucial to ensure the accuracy of this information before submitting your listing.
  • Validate appearance and contact information: Prior to submitting your listing, cross-check the appearance and precision of your contact information. This initiates the verification process, ensuring that your information is accurate and current.

Establishing an account for Google Local Service Ads is a pivotal step in connecting with customers who are searching for local services. By adhering to these steps and providing precise information, you can start launching effective local ads on Google and attract more customers to your small enterprise.

Service Area Setup

When establishing your service area for Google Local Service Ads, it’s crucial to meticulously choose your service radius and delineate your service areas. This empowers you to manage your business market and confirm that your advertisements are only displayed to customers within your preferred service area.

Service Radius Selection

Choosing the service radius is a key process in establishing your service area for Google Local Service Ads. This enables you to regulate your business market and guarantees that your advertisements are only displayed to customers within your chosen service area.

Here are some significant points to ponder when selecting your service radius:

  • Allocate your service area by city or postcode: This permits you to pinpoint the precise areas where your services are offered and avoid displaying ads outside of your target market.
  • Be precise about the services you provide: Itemising the services you offer accurately represents the scope of your business and aids customers in understanding what they can anticipate.
  • Confirm necessary licences and certifications: Adherence to local regulations is crucial to ensure that you are qualified to provide services in your chosen service area.

Defining Service Areas

To establish your service area for Google Local Service Ads, the subsequent step is to delineate your service areas via service area setup. This permits you to manage your business market and assure that your adverts are solely shown to customers within your designated service area.

You can designate your service area by city or postcode, which assists in averting the display of adverts outside of your desired locations. To accurately represent your business offerings, it is crucial to select the services you offer from the provided list and verify any necessary licences and certifications. Additionally, ensure to provide accurate business details, such as business days and hours of operation.

Listing Services Provided

One crucial aspect of managing Google Local Service Ads is correctly itemising the services provided. By unambiguously detailing the services your business offers, you can attract the appropriate customers and enhance your chances of conversion.

Here are some central points to ponder when itemising your services on Local Services Ads:

  • Designate your service area: Specify your service area by city or postcode, ensuring that you only include areas where you can furnish your services. This aids in targeting customers who are within your range.
  • Be specific and precise: Peruse the provided list of services and select the ones that align with your business type. Avoid itemising services that you do not provide to prevent misleading potential customers.
  • Double-check before submitting: Authenticate the appearance of your listing and ensure that all the information, such as your phone number and business name, is accurate. Be prepared to provide necessary documentation for verification purposes.

Accurately itemising your services on Google’s Local Services Ads is the final stage in ensuring that your business appears at the top of search results for customers in need of your professional services.

Business Days & Hours

To ensure a positive customer experience, it is essential to precisely set your business days and operating hours when utilising Google Local Service Ads. Customers depend on this information for arranging their enquiries and appointments, so guaranteeing its accuracy is crucial.

Moreover, it is suggested to double-check the appearance of the listing and confirm the operating hours prior to submitting the advertisement to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

Operating Hours

Establishing precise operating times for your business is crucial for customers to know when you are accessible. When it comes to Local Services Ads, customers depend on the supplied operating hours to organise their interactions with your business.

Here are three key points to bear in mind when establishing your operating hours:

  • Choose the days of the week and set the opening and closing times for your business.
  • Confirm the accuracy of the operating hours before finalising and submitting the listing.
  • Be sure to preview the appearance of the listing, including the shown operating hours, before submission.

Holiday Schedule

When setting up your holiday timetable for work days and hours, it’s vital to precisely communicate the operating days and times to inform customers. Google mandates companies to supply this information via the Local Services platform.

It’s the initial step in operating Google Local Service Ads, which are accessible based on the quantity of leads per search and Local Services Ads available in your region.

Once your holiday timetable is established, customers will be able to see your business hours when they search for services online. To ensure precision, click ‘Check’ to verify the appearance of your listing prior to its submission.

You can also monitor leads and receive messages as emails, enabling you to stay in touch with potential customers even during the festive season.

Ad Preview & Submission

Before submitting your advert, it is highly recommended to preview its appearance to ensure accuracy and make any necessary adjustments. This step is crucial in order to present your business in the best possible light and attract potential customers.

Here are a few things you need to know about advert preview and submission:

  • Double-check all business information: Ensure to review and verify all the details, including your telephone number and business name. Any errors can lead to confusion and potentially cost you valuable leads.
  • Accept the onboarding agreement: When submitting your advert for approval, you will be asked to accept the onboarding agreement. Take the time to read through it carefully to comprehend the terms and conditions.
  • Provide necessary documentation: During the submission process, you may be required to provide documentation to verify your business. Be prepared to gather customer reviews, Google reviews, and any other relevant information that can help establish your credibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Run Local Service Ads on Google?

To run Google Local Service Adverts, follow best practices for optimisation, target the appropriate audience, track performance, avoid common errors, increase conversions, set a budget, prioritise reviews and ratings, choose relevant keywords, differentiate yourself from competitors, and leverage the platform for lead generation.

How Do Google LSA Ads Work?

Google Local Service Adverts (LSA) link businesses with qualified leads. These adverts feature at the top of search results and are pay-per-lead. Advantages encompass targeted options, a cost structure based on leads, tracking success, evading common errors, and composing effective advert copy.

Is Google Local Service Ads the Same as Google Ads?

Google Local Service Ads and Google Ads are not identical. Local Service Ads are specifically fashioned for local companies in certain sectors, offering perks such as the Google Guarantee badge and visibility on Google Assistant devices.

How Do I Create an LSA Ad?

To create an LSA advert, begin by setting up an LSA account and choosing the suitable service category. Optimise the advert for higher visibility, comprehend the cost structure, monitor performance, integrate customer reviews, target specific locations, utilise call tracking, and maximise lead generation. Compare effectiveness with traditional Google Adverts.


In conclusion, operating Google Local Service Ads involves several steps.

First, businesses need to verify their eligibility and ensure they meet the requirements set by Google.

Once eligibility is confirmed, they can proceed to create an account on the Google Local Service Ads platform.

Next, they must set the service area where they want their ads to be displayed. This ensures that their ads are shown to potential customers in the right geographical location.

After setting the service area, businesses need to list the specific services they provide. This helps Google match their ads with relevant search queries from potential customers.

They also have the option to select their business days and hours, which ensures that their ads are only displayed when they are available to provide their services.

Once all these details are entered, businesses can preview their advertisement to see how it will appear to potential customers.

Finally, they can submit their advertisement, and it will go live on the Google Local Service Ads platform.

It is crucial for businesses to monitor the performance of their ads regularly and make any necessary adjustments to improve their reach and effectiveness.

Following these steps will aid businesses in effectively utilizing Google Local Service Ads to reach their target audience and promote their services.