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SEO Case Study: Concreter Gets 300% Increase In Organic Growth

Concreter SEO Case Study

Here’s how I used SEO to help a concreting business go from less than 200 users per month and 7 leads in January 2024 to 889 users and 31 leads in June, just 6 months later.

Proof of Concreter SEO Results

Here is proof that these numbers actually happened.

Here are their numbers as of January 2024, you can see that they only had 189 organic search users, and 7 leads (key events):

Concreter SEO Results graph before

Now here is the same graph but from June 2024, showing 889 organic search users and 31 leads:

Concreter SEO Results graph after

Here is the entire graph going all the way back to October 2023 until 9th of July 2024, the time of writing this blog post:

Concreter SEO results traffic graph

Here is the same data again from Google Search Console:

Concreter SEO Results traffic graph

And here is the keyword graph from Semrush showing the total number of keywords they rank for:Concreter SEO Results keyword graph

The Process

Step 1: Identify Commercial Keywords

The first thing I did was identify all the commercial keywords they wanted to rank for which would drive high intent traffic to the site which would be likely to convert into leads.

These are keywords like “concreters”, “concrete contractors”, “concrete driveways” and more.

Step 2: Make the Money Pages

Then, I set about making “money pages” to target each of these keywords, and optimising all of these pages according to SEO best practice.

This allowed them to rank for all the their commercial-based keywords and get traffic that would convert into leads and jobs for their business.

Step 3: Citations Blast

Once the main pages were built, I did a “citations blast” to get them listed on all the local business directories in their area.

This helps the website to rank on Google local results, in the Map Pack, as well as for local keywords (keywords containing a location).

Ensuring the NAPW for their website is listed across these directories helps Google to identify that this is a real business and increase the chances of ranking in the local results.

Step 4: Building Topical Authority

Once the foundations had been set, I went about posting blogs every month for various related topics to the services they offer.

These include commonly searched questions and other searches such as “how think does driveway concrete need to be?”, “do I need to seal my concrete driveway?” and so on.

By doing this, the site got established as an “authority” on the topic of concrete, and as a result Google ranked the site higher for all keywords relating to that topic.

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